Zivver quickstart guide

Welcome to Zivver! Zivver is a tool that makes email easy and secure.

How to set up the different Zivver products.

For all the tasks, you need access to the Zivver control panel. For a few tasks, you need more privileges.

Do the steps in the order listed.


Prerequisites: You are the administrator of a business subscription to Zivver. You are an administrator if one of these is applicable.

  • You purchased the Zivver subscription for your organization.
  • Another administrator granted these rights to you.

Basic configuration

Time: 30-60 min.


  1. Invite your colleagues into the Zivver WebApp
  2. Optional: Grant colleagues rights to other mailboxes
  3. Set your logo and text for the notification message.
  4. Configure secure mailing.
    1. Set up a second login method.
    2. Set up recipient verification methods
    3. Add a signature
    4. View the delivery confirmation
    5. Revoke messages
  5. Enable external users to communicate to you with Zivver.


In Microsoft Outlook, you use the Zivver plug-in. With this plug-in, you mail securely with your Outlook client.

Basic configuration Outlook

Prerequisites: Refer to the linked documents.
Time: Not specified.


  1. Install the plug-in
  2. Configure the plug-in with the recommended settings
  3. Use the Zivver Outlook plug-in
    1. Log in to Zivver
    2. Mail securely from Outlook
      1. Get a read acknowledgment.
      2. Revoke a securely sent message
      3. View proof of delivery report.

Advance configuration Outlook

Prerequisites: Refer to the linked documents.
Time: 2 hours


Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA) is the web client of Microsoft Outlook. You can email securely with the Zivver add-in. This add-in is available for Microsoft Exchange Online.

Deployment and configuration

Prerequisites Refer to the linked documents.
Time Not specified.

Refer to the OWA installation manual.

Chrome Extension

The Zivver extension is to securely send emails from Google Gmail in Chrome.

Chrome Extension enablement

Prerequisites Refer to the linked documents.

Your accounts must be part of a Google Workspace organization. The Zivver Chrome extension does not function for a personal Google account.

Time Not specified.

To enable and test this extension, do these steps.

  1. Install the Zivver Chrome Extension for Google Workspace as Google Super Admin.

    Refer to the Install and configure the Zivver Chrome Extension.
  2. Install the Zivver Chrome Extension for Gmail for each Chrome client.
    Refer to the Chrome Extension user manual.
  3. Log in with your workplace information or email address and Zivver password.
  4. Send a message securely.
  5. View the security notifications.
  6. View the read receipts.

For more information, refer to the Zivver Chrome Extension for Gmail - User Manual

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