View the proof of delivery report


The Proof of delivery report has two main purposes:

  • to inform the sender of a message what the status is of the delivery of their (notification) message.
  • to provide the sender of a message with detailed information on the delivery process of their message

In some cases, the report will also show whether the message was opened or not.

For the report to be available, proof of delivery must be turned on for the organisation.

View the proof of delivery report

To view a report, you should first make sure you are logged in to the Zivver Outlook Plugin. Then:

  1. Navigate to your Sent Items folder
  2. Click the message you wish to modify.
    Your message is shown in the rightmost pane.
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the message to open the ‘more options’ menu.
  4. Click Download proof of delivery.
    The proof of delivery report is downloaded as a .pdf

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