Covid test result FAQ


This FAQ page is to help you in case you need to (urgently) open to your Covid test results and need assistance.

Please read this entire page before submitting a ticket to Zivver Support. Do not submit feedback through Shipright (‘Help’ > ‘Give Feedback’) for your questions. Submitting feedback is not the way to contact Zivver Support.

The mobile number to which the SMS code is sent is wrong

The phone number has been set up by the test organization as an extra layer of security. Zivver isn’t able to change the phone number for you. Only the test organization, the sender of your Zivver message, is able to do this. There are two options through which you can let the sender know that they have used the wrong number:

Not my number

  1. Click the button that reads Click for message in the email that you have received. You are now sent through to the Zivver WebApp.
  2. Click NOT MY NUMBER.
  3. Click NOTIFY. The test organization will now be notified that they have used the wrong number.

Direct contact

Email or call the testing organization directly. Notify them they have used the wrong number and request for them to change it. This option is best if you need to access your test results urgently.

Alternative to an SMS code

The test organization is also able to resend you your results with an access code instead of an SMS code. They can make up an access code themselves and communicate this to you over the phone. Then no SMS code is needed. Contact the organization directly to request this. Also see section How do I directly contact the sender of my Zivver message?

Zivver is unable to change the mobile number, the verification method, or resend you your results. Only the test organization can do this, as the sender of your message.

I’m not receiving the SMS code to open my results

There can be several reasons for you not receiving an SMS code:

A delay between our SMS service provider and your telecom provider We advise you switch your phone off, wait 15 minutes, and switch it back on again. Your phone will then reconnect with your telecom provider. This solves the problem in almost all cases.

Wrong phone number filled in by the test organization It’s possible that the testing organization has made a mistake/typo when filling in your mobile number. You should call the testing organization directly to request they adjust the phone number if necessary. Also see section The (mobile) number to which the SMS code is sent is wrong.

Other reason - Investigation by Zivver needed Have you restarted your phone and made sure that the testing organization has the correct phone number, but you are still not receiving the SMS code? Please send an e-mail to with the following information: - Your mobile phone number and country code - Whether you’ve restarted your phone after a 15-minute wait - Whether you’ve checked your number was filled in correctly by the test organization

Zivver Support will start an investigation with the telecom provider and get back to you about this.

Please note that the investigation may up to several hours. Consider contacting the test organization directly to request they change the mobile number to another number you control, or to communicate an access code to you over the phone instead of by SMS.

I’m having trouble with my QR code or other contents of my message

Zivver can only assist with the opening of your message and the functionalities of Zivver itself. Contact the test organization directly for all questions regarding the contents of your message (including generating QR codes, the Corona Check App, wrong dates, expiry, etc.).

I haven’t received my Covid test results at all

Zivver is not the sender of your message, nor the test organization, but a service for secure mailing. Zivver is therefore not able to tell you when you will receive your test results, nor able to (re)send the message to you. Please contact the test organization directly to inquire about your results.

How do I directly contact the sender of my Zivver message?

The sender of your Zivver message will most likely be the test organization/location where you had your COVID/PCR test taken.

If you’ve already received your results/a Zivver message from the test organization, you will find the name of the organization in the notiifcation email you received through Zivver (in your email inbox). We advise you to look up the organization name to find their contact details.

Please do not respond directly to the notification email you have received, as your reply won’t reach the test organization. It is for notification purposes only.

How do I change the Zivver interface language?

Zivver is available in three languages: English, Dutch, and German. You can change the language setting by clicking the set up language language in the top right corner of your screen.

I made a Zivver account in the past and can’t access my message

If you have created a (free) Zivver account and do not remember your password, you should:

  1. Reset your password. Note a password reset will lock all messages in your inbox for security reasons.
  2. Fill in your existing Zivver recovery code. This is the recovery code you received the last time you set up your password. The recovery code will unlock your messages.
  3. Continue to your inbox and click on the message.
    You are now able to read your message.

Lost recovery code If you have lost the recovery code you received when creating your (free) Zivver account you should: 1. Tick the box ‘I will fill in my recovery code later’ and continue. Your messages are now locked for security reasons. 2. Contact the test organization. 3. Request they resend you your message (as a completely new message). This new message will be directly readable in your Zivver inbox.

Note that the messages in your inbox will remain locked without the right recovery code. Contact the senders of any messages you need, to request they resend the messages to you.

I have lost access to my login method (2FA - SMS or Authenticator app)

You have several options to restore access to your account. The options are as follows:

Alternative login method (2FA) Have you set up an alternative 2FA? Click on Choose an alternative login code at the bottom of the login screen after entering your email address and password in the Webapp. You can choose an alternative mobile number or a code from an Authenticator app if you have this set up.

Use your backup codes Backup codes are stored on your computer after setting up an additional login method. You enter a backup code in the place of the SMS or Authenticator code after logging in with your email address and password. You will often find your backup codes in the Downloads folder on your computer. The default name of the file with your backup codes contains the words Zivver and backup codes.

Did you succeed in logging in with one of these two methods? Set up a new login method

Contact Zivver Support In the event you haven’t set up an alternative login method and have lost your backup codes, please contact Zivver Support through to carry out an identity check to confirm that you are the owner of this account. Please note this may take a while, so make sure to search for your back up codes first.

Do you not have the time to wait? Then we advise you to directly contact the test organization. Request them to resend your results to an alternative email address.

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