I do not have my second login method (2FA)? How can I recover my account?

It can happen that, for some reason, you cannot use the second login method anymore. There are different options to get access to your account:

Use an alternative login method when available.

If you installed both the SMS code and the Authenticator app als second login method, but you are not able to use one of them you can choose for the alternative method. Click Choose alternative verification method when you are asked for the 6-digit code.

Use the back-up codes.

You save back-up codes on the computer after the setup of the second authenication factor (2FA). You can use one of the back-up codes instead of the SMS code or the code from the Authenticator app after you logged in with your email address and password. Most of the times, back-up codes are saved in the Users\username\Downloads folder on your computer. The standard name of the file contains the words Zivver and back-up codes. When you are able to access your account again, you have to reset the second login method. Read how to reset the second login method.

Reach out to the Zivver admin of your organisation.

If you are part of an organisation, the service desk or admin of your organisation is able to recover your account. They can add a trusted network which allows you to log in without the 2FA. Send the admin these instructions how they can make this happen.

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