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How to reset your password? You reset your password when, for example, you have forgotten your password. You lose access to old messages when you reset your password. You can restore access to old messages with a recovery code.

Does Zivver indicate that your password is incorrect while you are sure that it is correct? It often happens that people type their password incorrectly several times in a row. Even if they type their password daily.
Tip 1: Keep trying! Often it succeeds after several attempts.
Tip 2: Write your password in a text editor to see if you entered it correctly. Copy your password directly from the text editor and paste it into the password field. Then, you are sure that you entered your password correctly.
Do you log in with your workplace login details? Speak to the service desk of your organization to make a new password.


  1. Go to the WebApp.
  2. At the bottom of the login screen, click Forgot you password?
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Click Reset password. You get an email with reset instructions.
  5. Go to your mailbox.
  6. Open the email with the subject: “Password reset for your Zivver account”.
  7. Click Reset password.
    A new browser tab opens.
  8. Enter and confirm your new password.
  9. Click Continue
    You get a prompt to enter your recovery code.
    USERS: You can choose to skip this step. To skip, select Let me enter the recovery code later. Later, you can enter a recovery code to recover access to your old messages.
    ADMINISTRATORS: Do this now.
  10. Return to your mailbox and find the email which contains the recovery code that corresponds to your old password.
    The recovery code was sent to you by email at the date and time indicated on the screen in Zivver.
    The recovery code was sent to you in an email which contains Zivver recovery code in the subject line.
  11. Return to the Zivver WebApp browser tab.
  12. Enter the recovery code at the recovery code prompt.
  13. Click Reset password.
    Your password reset was successful. You can log in with your new password.
After you changed your password, you get a new recovery code, in an email with title <number>-Zivver recovery code. This new recovery code corresponds to your new password. Keep the recovery code in a safe place!

What to do when your recovery code does not work

To recover your messages, you must use the recovery code that you received when you set your old password. Refer to Restore access to messages to know how to find the correct recovery code and recover your messages.

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