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Absolutely! We are always looking for participants to join us for user interviews or testing (currently all done online).

  • Reach out to and we will plan you in.
  • For more information, check the frequently asked questions about user research at Zivver below.
  • If you feel more comfortable sharing feedback only with your keyboard, you can also send it over to Zivver feedback.

User research FAQ

Wondering if you are “the right person to talk to” about Zivver?

Yes, no doubt! We are looking for participants who use Zivver in different countries, industries, professional roles, and products. No matter if you barely remember the last time you used Zivver or if you send a bunch of secure messages every day. We can learn a lot from you in either case.

Why do we want to talk to you directly?

Zivver is not interested in building products. We want to offer solutions that help you tackle challenges and meet your needs when it comes to secure digital communication.

If technology is to provide the answer, though, we first need to understand the questions:

  • What are the jobs that you want to get done?
  • How does Zivver fit into your daily tasks and processes (or not)?
  • Which steps along the way can Zivver take off your plate?
  • Where can Zivver protect you and your organization against risks?
  • Where can Zivver make secure communication easier for you?

Speaking directly to you as a user is the best way for us to find out. Our team is already in close contact with the IT department and system administrators at your organization. We learn a lot from their feedback and input. But they cannot replace the perspective of those employees who use Zivver as part of their daily jobs and routines, often without paying particular attention to it.

Doubting whether that invitation really came from Zivver?

If someone at Zivver invited you to take part in user research, that is easy to check:

  • Often, we will approach you through the Zivver administrators at your own organization, who have worked with us throughout the implementation process.
  • If you receive an invitation directly from us, it will come from or a personal account with an email address. We always include our contact details, so you can reach out to us in case of any questions.
  • When we share an invite for user research on social media, we always use our verified company profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook or make ourselves clearly recognizable as members of team Zivver.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

Taking part in user research is as close as we can get you to our road map for improvements and new features. Your input helps to greatly improve our products and support for all users. We have seen what an immensely positive impact this has had in the past, for example, in making it a lot easier to exchange Zivver messages with guest recipients who don’t have their own account. And if you have questions for us, we will of course add time to answer those, in return.

Unsure about what will happen when you participate?

We will let you know up front what kind of study you can expect. In most cases, it will include a short interview. At times, we may (also) ask you to look at a prototype with us or test a new product still in development.

In all cases, think more of a conversation than about a quiz or laboratory setting. There are no right and wrong answers, so there is also no need for you to prepare anything up front.

Currently, most of our user research takes place remotely, using a secure video call. We set it up and send you a link. All you need is an internet connection. If and when possible, we can also resume meeting our users on site, either at Zivver headquarters in Amsterdam or visiting you at your organization.

What user research is not:

  • We are not fishing for compliments. You don’t need be a super user and certainly not a Zivver fan for us to learn from you.

  • We are not there to give you the sales pitch. Our interviews and user tests are never about (up)selling. Rather, they help our users to get more out of the solutions they already have in place and help to resolve questions or issues that you may have come across.

  • We are not there to test you. Our questions are never asked to evaluate whether you have been using Zivver “the right way”. Our job is to make Zivver work for you, not the other way around.

Curious about who you will be talking to?

Team user research at Zivver includes our product owners, IX designers, and copywriters, but also members of our development or marketing teams. Usually, two of us will join a conversation with you, because an extra set of ears can pick up on so much more. We will always introduce ourselves and let you know what our roles at Zivver are. No hidden cameras or blind mirrors.

What about privacy?

Protecting our users’ data is what Zivver is all about. The answers you give during user research are kept strictly confidential and are only shared with our team at Zivver - never with third parties or others at your organization (unless, of course, you ask us to). When we quote from interviews, we make sure to summarize, abstract, and keep everything anonymous, so that answers cannot be linked back to individual participants or even your organization.

Didn’t find the information you were looking for?

If there is anything else you would like to know, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

All clear? Then we look forward to hear from you!

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