Upgrade your Zivver subscription


You are the administrator of a business subscription to Zivver. You are an administrator if one of these is applicable.

  • You purchased the Zivver subscription for your organization.
  • An administrator granted these rights to you.

How to manage and update your Zivver subscription online with your Zivver account.

You can upgrade your subscription online. For more information about the different plans, refer to our Pricing page.


  • You can only upgrade your plan. Example: you can change from Professional to Ultimate plan. But you cannot change from Professional to Start.
  • You can upgrade only to a plan with the same contract length. Example: you can upgrade your 1-year plan to another 1-year plan. But you cannot upgrade your 1-year plan to a 3-year plan.
  • If you upgrade your subscription, the term of your subscription does not change. Also, Zivver takes into account the amount you already paid.
  • Speak to your sales representative at Zivver if you cannot change your subscription online. You can also send an email to sales@zivver.com

1. Open the Subscription page of the Admin panel.
You can also click Your Subscription in the left part of the Admin panel

    Manage Subscriptions opens, the portal of zivver.chargebee.com. In this portal, you can see links that open your subscription details.

  2. Click on your current subscription.
    Subscription Details opens.

  3. Click Edit Subscription.
    Edit Subscription Details opens.

  4. Choose the plan. Then, click Update subscription.

  5. Go back to Manage Subscription.

  6. Click Exit.

The changes take effect immediately

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