Signing by guest without Zivver


Zivver Secure eSignatures makes it possible to sign sensitive documents from Outlook. This manual explains how you can sign sensitive documents as a guest recipient without a Zivver account.

Sign procedure

  1. You will receive a notification message via Zivver as you are used to.
    Open the notification message, click “Open message” and authenticate yourself in the opened browser window.
  2. Click on “Sign Document”.
    A new signing window opens. At the bottom left you can easily see how many fields are required and rotate between them. Mandatory fields are orange.
  3. Click on all required signature fields with “Sign here”.
    • You can sign with the mouse in the “Draw” tab. Then click on “Done”
    • You can sign with an image of your signature in the “Image” tab. Upload your signature by dragging or clicking on the add_circle. Then click on “Done”
    • You can sign by typing in the “Type” tab. Then click on “Done”
  4. Click on all required date stamp fields, if available.
    The current date is entered automatically.
  5. Click on all text input fields, if available.
    Enter the necessary text.
  6. Click “Finish” at the bottom right.
  7. Confirm signing and the User Terms by checking the box and clicking “Confirm”.
  8. After signing, the signed document and the audit report can be downloaded.

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