Set up recipient verification in the WebApp


This quick reference card explains how to set up a recipient verification method. By setting up an SMS code or access code for a recipient, you can be sure that only this recipient can read your message. This is known as an additional verification method. To open your message, the recipient enters an SMS code or the agreed access code. The recipient can then open, read and reply to your Zivver message.

Set up verification method

  1. Click New message create .
  2. Add a recipient.
  3. Click the blue bar with the message Recipient verification is incomplete.
    A side panel on the right opens.
  4. Click RESOLVE.
  5. Click the Verification method drop-down box.
  6. Choose a Verification method: SMS code, Access code or Verification e-mail.
    Learn more about choosing the correct verification method
  7. Enter the required information to complete the Verification Method.
    For example a mobile number with the Verification method ** SMS to new number ** .

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