Export user data via FTP

With the function Export user data in the Zivver WebApp, you can download Zivver messages via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). When you connect to Zivver via FTP, you can download your Zivver messages as EML files.

The exported EML files contain these artifacts of the exported Zivver messages.

  • The Zivver message bodies
  • Information about:
    • The sender
    • The recipient
    • The read receipt
    • The attachments

Attachments sent through Zivver are also attached to the exported EML files.

You can connect to Zivver through FTP only with a secure connection.

An FTP client program, for example, FileZilla, WinSCP.


  1. In the WebApp, open Export my data
    Alternatively, click Personal Settings settings > Export my data get_app .
  2. Toggle to Enable FTP export for my account. toggle_on
  3. In the FTP program, create a connection or session.
  4. Enter as hostname: ftp.zivver.com.
  5. Enter the username that the Zivver WebApp shows, or your e-mail address.
  6. Enter the password that the Zivver WebApp shows.
    Is there no password yet? Then click Generate password for a new password.
  7. Enter 21 as the port number.
  8. Specify the FTP protocol.
  9. Set the encryption to TLS / SSL Explicit Encryption.
  10. Confirm the entry and make a connection.
  11. If required: Click OK to mark the Zivver certificate as trusted.
    The way to do this differs by FTP program.

You are connected to Zivver via FTP. You can now download Zivver messages as unencrypted .EML files.

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