2FA Setup with SMS


How to configure an SMS code for your account as an extra login method. An SMS code makes your account a lot safer. After you log in with your e-mail address and password, you receive a 6-digit code by SMS. Only if you enter this code, you get access to your account.

Configure SMS code as an extra login method

  1. Go to the WebApp.
  2. Click Settings settings at the bottom left of the browser tab.
  3. Now go to Security security tab.
  4. Click the SETUP button at the top right. _A new window opens.
  5. Click NEXT.
  6. Select the SMS code option.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. Enter your mobile number.
  9. Click NEXT.
    You receive an SMS with a 6-digit code from Zivver on your mobile number. The 6-digit code is valid for 5 minutes. Did your code expire? Click Send again to receive a new code.
  10. Enter the code.
  11. Click NEXT.
    _You get a screen with the backup codes. The backup codes are important when your phone is unavailable. You enter a backup code at the place of the SMS code when you can not receive an SMS code.
  12. Click DOWNLOAD.
    Usually, you can find the backup codes in your Downloads folder.
Save the backup codes somewhere secure. You can use these codes to log in when your mobile phone is unavailable.

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