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This document explains how to give your new account access to your old account. Do this when your e-mail address changes or you have created an extra e-mail address.

Your Zivver account is linked to your e-mail address. If this address changes, you will need a new account for the new e-mail address. You retain access to old conversations by granting your new account access to the messages associated with your old account.

This functionality is unavailable to business users; please contact the IT administrator of your organization if you wish to change the email address on a managed Zivver account.
Are you an IT administrator please see Changing your email address as an administrator.

Granting your new account access to your old account

  1. Go to the Zivver WebApp.
  2. Click No account yet? Sign up now.
  3. Make a new account, using your new email address.
    _ how to make a new account_
  4. Log out of your new account.
  5. Log in to your new account.
  6. Go to Settings settings .
  7. Click Grant access group_add .
  8. Click ADD.
  9. Fill in the email address corresponding to your new account.
  10. Click ADD.
    You will receive a notification that you have access to the old account, in the new email inbox. Please do not reply.
  11. Log out of your old account.
  12. Log in to your new account.
  13. Click your profile photo person_pin .
    You will be presented with an accounts menu. You can switch between your new and old account using this.

Your old account remains active. You can still access the Zivver WebApp using those credentials.

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