Send a Zivver message in Outlook Web Access

How to send a Zivver message from the Zivver Outlook Web Access Add-in?


Make sure that you are logged in with your Zivver account.

Automatic Secure Send

  1. Click New to create a message.
  2. Compose a message as usual.
  3. If Zivver detects sensitive information in your email, it might activate secure mailing automatically, based on your organization’s settings.
  4. If that happens, the message is now a secure message and you can click Send.

Manual Secure Send

  1. Above the draft message, click the Zivver icon or the icon with the three dots more_horiz and then Zivver.
    The Zivver side panel opens at the right side.
  2. Toggle the switch next to Secure Mailing is Off
  3. The bar becomes black and Secure Mailing is now enabled

Setting up Recipient Verification

Recipient Verification ensures that only the correct sender can open your email.

  1. Enable Secure mailing.
  2. Click Recipient verification.
    A window with all the recipients opens.
  3. Complete the recipient verification where necessary. If the recipient has a Zivver account, the recipient can read the message immediately. This option is not available when you mail new recipients. Read more about recipient verification.

  4. Optional: Choose a language for the email notification in the list Notification language:.

  5. Click Apply.

Adding (large) attachments

  1. Click Secured attachments to add an attachment up to 5 TB.
    Never use the standard OWA-option Share as OneDrive link. Zivver does not support this option.

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