Zivver Outlook Web Access Add-in v3.0.48 release notes


This document describes changes introduced in Zivver Outlook Web Access Add-in release 3.0.48

New or improved functionality

  • Dialogue doesn’t appear as standard anymore when sending email: In the previous OWA add-in version a dialogue screen popped up upon pressing Send as Zivver was scanning the contents of the email for potential data leaks. The application has been made significantly faster by only showing this dialogue when users are sending (large) attachments or when there are actions for the user to undertake.
  • Possibility for organizations to not have to log in every 30 days: By default, users had to periodically re-authenticate themselves with Zivver for security reasons. Zivver now offers organizations the option to no longer enforce this rule.

Bug fixes

  • Login screen was sometimes difficult to read on smaller screens.
  • Secure mailing was turned on upon sending when user had turned this off manually. Now this doesn’t happen anymore unless a business rule is triggered that enforced this, such as when a user adds an attachment with sensitive content later in compiling the email.
  • Notification that the functionality of OWA is not available in Outlook Desktop is now easier to understand: Microsoft does not offer the possibility to turn off the Zivver button in Outlook Desktop. This is why, when the user pushes the Outlook Web button in Outlook Desktop, they see a notification that this functionality is only available in Outlook Web. The text of this notification was not shown in good order. This has been fixed now.
  • It was unclear how to send emails to distribution lists: Emails sent to distribution lists got ‘stuck’, because Outlook Web did not show the underlying email addresses to an integration. In the case of a distribution list the notification is now shown that the user has to expand the list to then send the message.

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