I received an update notification

Why am I receiving an update notification saying: “A new version is available!”?

This feature helps you to stay up to date. The notification tells you that a newly released update has been published for the Zivver Office Plugin, and that you can install it.

What improvements were added to the newest version of the Zivver Office Plugin?

For the latest version one can find the release notes here. It lists the fixes and improvements.

Do I have to install the update right away?

It is advised to install the update as fast as possible. However, the notification can be ignored if it comes up at an inconvenient time and one wishes to install the update later on. You will be prompted to update again when you start up Outlook.

I don’t have the required rights to install the update.

In that case it is likely that your system administrator limited your rights, in order to ensure that installations and updates are performed under the guidance of the system administrator. Please contact your system administrator in that situation.

I tried to install the update, but now Zivver does not work anymore. What should I do?

It might help to uninstall or remove the currently installed Zivver Office Plugin in the Windows overview of installed applications. After removing the Plugin, one can install the new version by performing the steps in this installation manual. If you experience problems while performing these steps, please contact Zivver Support via support@zivver.com.

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