Message is not displayed properly - Your account is not activated in the plugin


This document explains how to activate your account in the Office plugin. You may not be able to read received and sent Zivver messages until your account is activated in the plugin.

Activate your account

  1. Click Activate account in the message.
  2. In Outlook, go to the Zivver tab.
  3. Click Manage Accounts account_circle .
    A new window opens.
  4. Click Add your first account add_circle .
  5. Select the email address with which you want to log in for Zivver from the list.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Follow the steps in Zivver to log in with your account. You are also asked to enter an SMS code or a code from an Authenticator app .
    What is an Authenticator app?

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