Temporarily disable Office Plugin

How do you disable the Zivver Office Plugin? If you cannot work with Outlook this time, you can investigate whether the cause of that problem is the Office Plugin.

If you temporarily disable the plug-in, you cannot mail securely with Outlook this time.


  1. In Outlook, click File.
  2. Click Options.
    A new window opens.
  3. Click Add-ins.
  4. Adjacent to COM Add-ins, click Go….
    A new window opens.
  5. In the list, search for ZivverOfficePlugin.
  6. Clear the check box.
  7. Click OK.
    The Zivver Office Plugin is now disabled. The toolbar does not show the Zivver tab.

Do you want to enable the plug-in again? Select the check box again. If you cannot disable the plug-in, speak to your system administrator.

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