Put newly sent messages in Sent Items unencrypted


How to store securely sent messages unencrypted in the Sent Items folder? If you do, you can search on content in the sent messages.

You can make this change only on newly sent messages. Older sent messages stay unencrypted in the Sent Items folder.


  1. In Outlook, click Zivver.
  2. Click Manage accounts account_circle.
  3. Adjacent to the account that you want to change the setting, click Settings settings.
    A new window opens.
  4. Adjacent to the option Save sent Zivver messages unencrypted, slide the switch to On.
    The switch becomes blue.
  5. Click Close.
Are you unable to change this setting? Then, your administrator in your organization set this option that users cannot change this setting.
If you enable this option, you introduce a security risk. Other people who can access your computer can read your sent messages Encrypted messages are only accessible when you log in with your Zivver account.

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