Zivver Office Plugin v5.4.6 Release Notes

Zivver Office Plugin v5.4.6 Release Notes


This document describes the changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release v5.4.6

Release highlights

This is a bugfix release which also introduces some performance improvements.

New or improved functionality

  • internal logging improvements
  • performance improvements in Online mode

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Zivver message would get decrypted, but the attachments not.
  • When replying to a Zivver Conversation, extra white space is no longer added under the text of the message and the bottom of the message pane/attachments bar when the message is sent.
  • When replying to a Zivver Conversation, a ~WRD file is no longer added to the message as an attachment.
  • In-product ink to the Zivver FAQ redirects now redirects to docs.zivver.com as intended.
  • When a normal message is popped out and then forwarded/replied by using the Outlook button, Outlook no longer crashes.
  • When a user is not connected to the internet, the plugin no longer tries to login indefinitely so that multiple login dialogs that remain opened with a spinning wheel are no longer created in this situation.
  • Office Outlook no longer freezes when forwarding messages with large attachments (>35MB) with the Zivver Plugin enabled and Outlook in Online mode.
  • Sending dialog and the attachment pop up to inform how far the upload has progressed are now correctly displayed when adding an attachment in the plugin via the Zivver button.
  • Multiple SSO login requests can no longer be triggered concurrently.
  • Closing forwarded draft no longer results in .NET application error. The issue would occur when forwarding a Zivver message, upon closing the draft of the forwarded message. In this case a .NET Runtime error would appear and Outlook would be forced to close.
  • “Zivver mail to detect sent items folder” no longer stuck in Outlook.
  • Sent items no longer end up as new mails in the Inbox.
  • CPU load when Zivver Office Plugin is active in a Citrix environment is no longer abnormally high.
  • Replying to the original message from a BCC message no longer addresses the reply to the BCC recipient.
  • Attachment is no longer duplicated in the local copy everytime you view the conversation.
  • Unencrypted message are not missing space in inconsistent places anymore.
  • Outlook no longer crashes on Zivver SSO login.
  • Icon colors in Zivver Bar are now correct
  • Read pane and compose pane are now updated directly after successful login
  • Feedback button in the Zivver menu is fixed
  • SetDecryptionHashOnEmail no longer saves mail messages twice in a row, so that saving messages in Online Mode is now faster

Known issues

The attachments issue found in version 5.0.3 is still present.

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