Zivver Office Plugin v5.4.1 Release Notes

Zivver Office Plugin v5.4.1 Release Notes


This document describes the changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release 5.4.1

Release highlights

This release is mainly on fixing bugs and preparing for additional functionality in later releases.

New or improved functionality

On a new feature coming up in several weeks around the proof of mail delivery we have added the functionality to store relevant data points within ElasticSearch. The data revolves around DSN reports of each email.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a reply was not properly opening in a pop up. Instead the pop up suddenly disappeared and at the same time and empty draft was created in the inbox.
  • Fixed an issue where Outlook ran out of custom properties set by the Zivver Office Plugin. When Outlook ran out of these custom properties sometimes send/received Zivver messages are removed from Outlook.
  • Fixed an issue a securely forward normal message didn’t contain all forwarded attachments.
  • Fixed an issue where the progress bar was stuck at 0% while storing a local unencrypted copy of an attachment.
  • Multiple performance improvements for when Outlook is running in Online Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where several icons were still visible even though zivver was not on.

Known issues

The attachments issue found in version 5.0.3 is still present.

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