Zivver Office Plugin v5.2.2 Release Notes

Zivver Office Plugin v5.2.2 Release Notes


This document describes the changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release 5.2.2

Release highlights

This release includes a few important bug fixes that improve performance.

Bug fixes

  • fixed the data loss issue where incoming messages were not automatically decrypted. The fix can be toggled via the ‘EnableAutomaticFileDecryption’ registry key. The key is set to on by default.
    To opt out of the fix, set the registry key to off. This may result in performance improvement, at the risk of further data loss.
  • fixed the issue where some excessive logging caused rate limiting issues.
  • fixed the issue where some users experienced lag when typing email messages.
  • fixed the issue where outlook froze when forwarding long email threads that include attachments.
  • fixed the issue where switching your signature in a Zivver reply did not work correctly.

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