Zivver Office Plugin v5.2.0 Release Notes

Zivver Office Plugin v5.2.0 Release Notes


This document describes the changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release 5.2.0

Release highlights

This release improves stability and performance, we’ve also fixed a lot of bugs.

New or improved functionality

  • improved the signup process, you are now directed to our WebApp when signing up. This is a more consistent user experience.
  • improved security by minimizing the default active session duration to 12 hours.
  • improved the error messaging when you enter a wrong password.
  • improved the way Zivver displays signed out accounts in the account management window. Now only primary accounts are shown, as opposed to showing all the delegated / functional accounts.
  • updated our mail relay functionality to plugin assisted mail submission.
  • improved the readability of large tables in emails on bigger screens by eliminating the max-width property.

Stability and performance enhancements

  • refactored our code around authentication, this improves performance when logging in to Zivver.

Bug fixes

  • fixed the issue where functional accounts were not being displayed as logged in.
  • fixed the issue where you were unable to sign up from the plugin with an email address that contains special characters.
  • fixed the issue where outlook restarted when clicking on login during signup.
  • fixed a spelling mistake in the signup popup.
  • fixed the issue where clicking continue when setting up 2FA opened two webapp sessions.
  • fixed the issue where Zivver did not turn on when a business rule was triggered.
  • fixed the issue where you were unable to logout through the manage accounts window.
  • fixed the issue where we showed an incorrect message when having no internet connection.
  • fixed the issue where you would end up in an endless loop when trying to send a message without an internet connection.
  • fixed the issue where an info information icon did not have the right color
  • fixed the issue where all your accounts get removed when updating to a new Zivver Office Plugin version from a deprecated version.
  • fixed the issue where some users were unable to login to their Zivver account.
  • fixed the issue where your primary and delegate accounts got different login statuses after your session expired.
  • fixed the issue where a Zivver message did not render and the connection status was not updated.
  • fixed the issue where reopening outlook all your accounts get removed.
  • fixed the issue where the save message popup only shows once.

Known issues

The attachments issue found in version 5.0.3 is still present.

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