Zivver Office Plugin v4.5 Release Notes

Zivver Office Plugin v4.5 Release Notes


This document describes changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release 4.5

Release highlights

This release improves stability and performance, we’ve also fixed a lot of bugs.

New or improved functionality

  • set access code verification as default irrespective of selected option.
  • added functionality to automatically retry fetching messages if they have not loaded after 5 seconds.

Stability and performance enhancements

  • improved performance so that opening Zivver conversations goes faster and does not freeze Outlook.
  • improved performance so that replying to a Zivver message without an account does not crash Outlook.
  • improved the performance to decrease CPU usage when a user is not logged in to Zivver.
  • improved the performance of obtaining TLSA threads.
  • improved the performance around sending messages from external sources.

Bug fixes

  • fixed the issue where dismissing one business rule violation dismissed all the found violations.
  • fixed the issue where a concept email addressed to noreply@zivver.com was saved when replying or forwarding a Zivver message.
  • fixed the issue where the attachment upload progress bar got stuck at a random percentage.
  • fixed the issue where content in received messages got mixed up.
  • fixed the issue where users got stuck in the send screen when uploading multiple attachments.
  • fixed the issue where delegate accounts were not listed on new plugin installations.
  • fixed the issue where delegated accounts did not show the original account they logged in through.
  • fixed the issue where the content of messages was not visible.
  • fixed the issue where it was not possible to download all attachments.
  • fixed the issue where email signatures were not added automatically to new messages.
  • fixed the issue where forwarding a Zivver message unsecurely threw an error stating that the attachments are too large.
  • fixed the issue where it was not possible to use SMS verification when sending from functional accounts.
  • fixed the issue where it was not possible to choose a verification method and only an envelope was shown.
  • fixed the issue where errors were not caught correctly.
  • fixed the issue where Zivver attachments got removed immediately after attaching them.
  • fixed the issue where an error message appeared when opening a Zivver message.
  • fixed the issue where turning off Zivver to forward a message did not actually turn Zivver off.
  • fixed the issue where a red boundary was shown when clicking on a single file to download.
  • fixed the issue where the verification method message was being displayed even when a method had already been set.
  • fixed the issue where requests from delegated accounts did not have an updated token.
  • fixed the issue where sent Zivver emails where not stored in the sent items folder.

Known issues

Adding attachments to an unencrypted copy of a sent/received message is done in the background.
If a message is archived before this process is finished, not all attachments might have been added to the unencrypted copy.
The workaround for this is to manually store an unencrypted copy. You can do this from within the Zivver conversation itself in Outlook.
This video (nl) explains how to do this.

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