Zivver Office Plugin v4.3 Release Notes


This document describes changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release 4.3

Release highlights

  • Inline images are no longer automatically downloaded It is good security practice to block the automatic download of inline images or tracking pixels, without user consent. Downloads of inline images must now be approved explicitly, by the user.

  • Improved handling of multiple delegations Very large organizations might have hundreds of delegate accounts. These could be either delegations to another personal account or to a functional account. The UI was improved to facilitate handling of a high number of delegations for a single account, such as when viewing the Accounts screen.

New or improved functionality

  • Inline images are no longer automatically downloaded.
  • Improved 2FA setup flow, users are now routed directly to the Zivver Webapp.
  • Added support for DANE.

Stability and performance enhancements

  • Improved handling of multiple delegations.
  • Implemented multiplexing for websockets.

Bug fixes

  • OnSend dialog now gets shown when a Zivver message is sent before a warning is shown.
  • Zivver attachment button is disabled when Plugin Relay is activated.
  • Revoked, unencrypted messages saved to an external folder are now readable.

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