Zivver Office Plugin v4.0 Release Notes


This document describes changes introduced in Zivver Office Plugin release 4.0

Release highlights

NTA 7516 ready: The Office Plugin in the latest version supports NTA 7516 legal compliance, allowing Zivver Office Plugin users to send to other NTA-compliant organizations messages using the NTA standards: availability, integrity, confidentiality, usability and interoperability. Zivver Office Plugin V4.0 also supports being able to receive messages from NTA compliant senders, delivering them directly to your inbox in a secure way. Read more (available in Dutch only).

New look: The colors of the plugin have been vastly improved to better meet accessibility standards required under the NTA 7516. The new blue has a higher contrast and will improve the Zivver experience for everyone that doesn’t have 2020 vision. We’ve also improved the typography throughout the Office Plugin, e.g. more consistent use of fonts and font sizes.

New or improved functionality

  • Full Zivver address book functionality, to include sharing of contacts and address books.
  • It is no longer possible to lower Zivver verification by the sender
  • Typography changes for design consistency and NTA 7516 mandated accesibility compliance
  • Color palette changes in support of NTA 7516 mandated accesibility compliance
  • Improved the recipient workflow for users who do not know the Access Code
  • Improved workflow for Guest recipients who have changed their phone number
  • Added connection service to Zivver Office Plugin, now at feature parity with Zivver WebApp.
  • Improvements in the Zivver Office Plugin installer.

Stability and performance enhancements

  • Zivver Office Plugin now uses .NET framework 4.7.2
  • General stability improvements
  • Improved the syncing of sent items between Zivver Office Plugin and Zivver Webapp.

Bug fixes

  • Zivver pane is no longer shown when the body of Zivver message is decrypted and the account cannot be found
  • Removed Outlook headers from showing but still show them in the taskbar
  • Fixed “Not My Number” to allow the option to change the verification method to Access code.
  • The text for “Not my Access Code” is now responsive with the screen size.
  • Text for verification method setup is now correct for guest users.
  • Corrected behaviour in cases when the sender receives a “not my number” notification.
  • Access code field is empty for Office Plugin user when the participant added from the Webapp notifies “not my access code”.
  • Connection with v3.3.0 now possible when using a proxy.
  • Installing from new installer no longer causes exception in ‘System.Net.Http’ dll
  • Unencrypted copies of messages that were scheduled to be revoked for all now get destroyed.
  • BCC indicator now displayed correctly.
  • Added version number logging for Outlook 2019

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