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Version Release status Type Description
5.7.18 Patch Fix IM-563 - If the HighlyConfidentialDomain setting is ON, Zivver will be OFF by default and any attachment added through the native Outlook functionality will NOT be processed by Zivver until the recipient has been added
5.7.16 Patch Fix IM-450 Rich-text emails (RTF) containing images are now sent successfully.
Fix IM-561 When the HighlyConfidentialDomainsBlocksZivverSending registry key is active, users cannot send messages to Highly Confidential Domains using Zivver.
5.7.13 Minor Fix IM-359 - Users will now have the ability to download the Proof of delivery report. Previously we had no function to download the proof of delivery alone. Users now have the following options displayed: Download attachments, Download POD, Download All (Attachments, POD and mail in PDF format).
5.7.11 Fix IM-404 - Users will no longer experience performance issues when composing a message if its content triggers a business rule warning and Outlook Zivver Setting ‘Activate “Secure mailing” if BR recommends it’ is turned on, and ‘Activate “Secure mailing” for every message’ is set to off.
5.7.9 Fix IM-349 - Fixed the issue where the Zivver Office Plugin was not available in Outlook after installation, when a previous version was updated.
Fix IM-146 - MSI installer now checks for correct version of .NET framework (v4.8) on installation.
5.7.7 Fix IM-345 - Fixed an issue where the body of a draft message was removed after the user switches to another email and back to the draft.
5.7.5 New function New languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish) are now available for use in the notification language selection list . This allows the Sender to select the appropriate language, which will make it easier for the Recipient to read the message.
Fix IM-144 - Edge WebView2 engine can now reuse an active session token of your identity provider, that already exists in Edge, to log in to Zivver seamlessly without having to enter a username and password.
Fix IM-146 - Fixed a rare issue where Zivver message content was being replaced by the content of a normal message that had recently been received if another email was viewed quickly after pressing the send button.
Fix IM-176 - Fixed a rare issue where the Zivver Office Plugin automatically tried to log in for the email address of the Sender of a message.
Fix IM-132 - Adding recipients from the Zivver Contact Book via ‘Zivver Contacts’ or ‘Recipients’/‘Quick Add’ now correctly adds a contact to the Zivver message.
Fix IM-137 - Fixed a bug where In some scenarios an attachment, such as an inline image, was not picked up by the Zivver Office Plugin. Because of that this attachment was not checked for viruses or classified.
Fix IM-137 - Attachments removed via the Zivver interface are now also removed from the Outlook interface and vice versa.
Fix IM-133 - When closing a draft message, users are now prompted to save the draft, and drafts are saved in the proper state with Zivver activated.
Fix IM-127 - Outlook no longer crashes when trying to save an existing draft message after restarting.
Fix IM-51 - Attachments are no longer added twice when a user tries to add an outlook attachment via inline reply for the first time.
Fix IM-53 - Fixed an issue where users were required to login to the Office Plugin despite the session duration being set to ~1 year.
Fix IM-50 - Zivver is now automatically enabled in Outlook when Zivver-toggle is off and user uploads a folder via the paperclip icon in the Zivver Bar.
5.7.0 New function Improved the download all functionality with a clearer UI to select the download options.
New function Secure (NTA-7516) emails are marked as such in the inbox.
New function Automatically reply or forward securely with Zivver on a secure NTA-7516 message.
New function Replace IE11 for SSO login with edge browser. This feature is disabled by default and will be enabled for everyone in a later release.
New function A Zivver message that has been archived can now be viewed by anyone with acces to the archived item without the need to login to Zivver. This only applies when a message was archived unencrypted.
Fix When working on two drafts, a pop-up is now displayed after closing the second draft.
Fix It is now possible to install Zivver with System Context in Intune.
Fix When forwarding Zivver message the line formatting of a quoted message no longer changes.
Fix Zivver attachments are now removed when the user tries to remove them via Outlook.
Fix An empty (duplicate) draft is no longer created after sending a new message in Outlook.
Fix Zivver now saves the message security settings when saving a message in draft with a “new” recipient .
Fix When forwarding a message with an attachment Zivver no longer adds the message as an .html file to the draft.
Fix Users with PAMS no longer need to click the Send button twice.
Fix Fixed a situation where it was not possible to login with a functional account.
Fix Fixed a situation where opening a shared mailbox would prompt to login to a non-Zivver account.
Fix “Send without checks” action no longer sends a regular email instead of a Zivver message.
Fix Content is no longer lost for sent Zivver messages when they are replied to or forwarded AND sent from shared mailboxes.
5.6.2 Fix Draft for an inline reply/forward is not shown after switching to another email and back
5.6.0 Fix Attachments to unencrypted messages are now shown before you view the message.
Fix The plugin no longer shows additional line breaks in messages.
Fix Sending a message using PAMS results in pop-up for ~2 seconds.
Fix Reading a Zivver message with several attachments is no longer slow .
Fix The plugin no longer tries to log in with the email address of another participant.
Fix Improved user text when HighlyConfidentialDomains set to wildcard.
Fix Sending inline from draft is now sent the first time with PAMS enabled.
Fix Clicking a second time on the send button no longer sends an empty/changed message when using PAMS.
Fix Signature is now displayed properly when sending/replying/forwarding messages.
Fix On clicking Manage account tab blank screen is no longer displayed.
5.4.14 Fix Add all new languages as selectable options in the notification language selection list
Fix Resolved a potential security issue in a very rare edge case where the wrong data is sent when having multiple drafts open at the same time
5.4.13 New function Supports for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
5.4.12 New function Set AutoEnableSsoAccounts to ON by default, so that users with SSO set up get logged in immediately.
New function Set TryAutoReloginSso to ON by default, so that users with SSO will automatically re-login after their session expires.
New function Set UseEmailVerificationAsDefault to ON by default, so that emails can be sent without disruptions.
New function Introduce ShortRefreshTokenSSOTTLHours with 720 hours as default value ONLY for SSO accounts, so sessions stay alive longer.
5.4.10 New function Added the setting ShortRefreshTokenTTLHours to set the lifetime of the SSO refresh token to manage the time a users session is valid between SSO logins.
5.4.9 Fix It was impossible to log in with a functional account.
Fix Improved our handling of the HighlyConfidentialDomains setting: Zivver is now enabled when a recipient is not on the HighlyConfidentialDomains list.
Fix Files with long names were not attached to a decrypted email
Fix The Zivver bar wasn’t showing due to certain technical processes operating in the background
5.4.6 New function Internal logging improvements
New function Performance improvements in Online mode
Fix Fixed a bug where the Zivver message would get decrypted, but the attachments not.
Fix When replying to a Zivver Conversation, extra white space is no longer added under the text of the message and the bottom of the message pane/attachments bar when the message is sent.
Fix When replying to a Zivver Conversation, a ~WRD file is no longer added to the message as an attachment.
Fix In-product ink to the Zivver FAQ redirects now redirects to docs.zivver.com as intended.
Fix When a normal message is popped out and then forwarded/replied by using the Outlook button, Outlook no longer crashes.
Fix When a user is not connected to the internet, the plugin no longer tries to login indefinitely so that multiple login dialogs that remain opened with a spinning wheel are no longer created in this situation.
Fix Office Outlook no longer freezes when forwarding messages with large attachments (>35MB) with the Zivver Plugin enabled and Outlook in Online mode.
Fix Sending dialog and the attachment pop up to inform how far the upload has progressed are now correctly displayed when adding an attachment in the plugin via the Zivver button.
Fix Multiple SSO login requests can no longer be triggered concurrently.
Fix Closing forwarded draft no longer results in .NET application error. The issue would occur when forwarding a Zivver message, upon closing the draft of the forwarded message. In this case a .NET Runtime error would appear and Outlook would be forced to close.
Fix “Zivver mail to detect sent items folder” no longer stuck in Outlook.
Fix Sent items no longer end up as new mails in the Inbox.
Fix CPU load when Zivver Office Plugin is active in a Citrix environment is no longer abnormally high.
Fix Replying to the original message from a BCC message no longer addresses the reply to the BCC recipient.
Fix Attachment is no longer duplicated in the local copy everytime you view the conversation.
Fix Unencrypted message are not missing space in inconsistent places anymore.
Fix Outlook no longer crashes on Zivver SSO login.
Fix Icon colors in Zivver Bar are now correct
Fix Read pane and compose pane are now updated directly after successful login
Fix Feedback button in the Zivver menu is fixed
Fix SetDecryptionHashOnEmail no longer saves mail messages twice in a row, so that saving messages in Online Mode is now faster
5.4.1 New function Store relevant data points within ElasticSearch for proof of mail delivery. The data revolves around DSN reports of each email.
Fix A reply was not properly opening in a pop up. Instead the pop up suddenly disappeared and at the same time and empty draft was created in the inbox.
Fix Outlook ran out of custom properties set by the Zivver Office Plugin. When Outlook ran out of these custom properties sometimes send/received Zivver messages are removed from Outlook.
Fix A securely forward normal message didn’t contain all forwarded attachments.
Fix The progress bar was stuck at 0% while storing a local unencrypted copy of an attachment.
Fix Multiple performance improvements for when Outlook is running in Online Mode.
Fix Several icons were still visible even though zivver was not on.
5.3.1 New function added automatic reporting of errors, uncaught exceptions, and unhandled rejections
5.2.6 Fix The auto (re)login key didn’t work
Fix An automatic re-login attempt was being made when the user force logged out or cancelled a login
Fix Users were not getting auto re-login prompts they should have gotten, when trying to read Zivver messages in inbox
Fix Users were being presented with a spurious login loading screen after having successfully logged in
5.2.3 Fix Zivver Office Plugin v5.x versions lead to adxregistrator errors that prevented installation of the plugin.
5.2.2 Fix Data loss issue where incoming messages were not automatically decrypted. The fix can be toggled via the ‘EnableAutomaticFileDecryption’ registry key. The key is set to on by default. To opt out of the fix, set the registry key to off. This may result in performance improvement, at the risk of further data loss.
Fix Excessive logging caused rate limiting issues.
Fix Users experienced lag when typing email messages.
Fix Outlook froze when forwarding long email threads that include attachments.
Fix Switching your signature in a Zivver reply did not work correctly.
5.2.0 New function improved the signup process, you are now directed to our WebApp when signing up. This is a more consistent user experience.
New function improved security by minimizing the default active session duration to 12 hours.
New function improved the error messaging when you enter a wrong password.
New function improved the way Zivver displays signed out accounts in the account management window. Now only primary accounts are shown, as opposed to showing all the delegated / functional accounts.
New function updated our mail relay functionality to plugin assisted mail submission.
New function improved the readability of large tables in emails on bigger screens by eliminating the max-width property.
New function Improved performance when logging in to Zivver.
Fix Functional accounts were not being displayed as logged in.
Fix You were unable to sign up from the plugin with an email address that contains special characters.
Fix Outlook restarted when clicking on login during signup.
Fix Fixed a spelling mistake in the signup popup.
Fix Clicking continue when setting up 2FA opened two webapp sessions.
Fix Zivver did not turn on when a business rule was triggered.
Fix You were unable to logout through the manage accounts window.
Fix We showed an incorrect message when having no internet connection.
Fix You would end up in an endless loop when trying to send a message without an internet connection.
Fix An info information icon did not have the right color
Fix All your accounts get removed when updating to a new Zivver Office Plugin version from a deprecated version.
Fix Users were unable to login to their Zivver account.
Fix Your primary and delegate accounts got different login statuses after your session expired.
Fix A Zivver message did not render and the connection status was not updated.
Fix Reopening Outlook all your accounts get removed.
Fix The save message popup only shows once.
5.0.3 Fix Intermittent issue which caused users to be unable to reply to a non-Zivver message.
Fix Intermittent issue which caused users to be unable to forward a non-Zivver message.
5.0.1 New function updated urls from zivver.eu to zivver.com.
New function updated the plugin version number to be more granular when going to about Zivver.
New function updated the minimum supported Outlook to the 2013 version in the system requirements.
New function updated TLS to 1.3
New function improved error messages when entering a wrong password
New function removed support for Outlook 2010.
Fix Multiple issues with sending attachments from 3rd party programs.
Fix Tables were not displayed correctly when printing or exporting to pdf.
Fix The lock icon was not shown at Zivver messages in the sent items folder.
Fix Zivver messages were not loaded.
Fix Email and full name of the original account were not displayed correctly under delegates’ accounts.
Fix Typo in the settings menu.
Fix Sent Zivver messages were not stored in the sent items folder
Fix Zivver was not automatically turned on when a business rule had been triggered that should have enforced Zivver use.
Fix Hot fix of two issues discovered during regression where BCC participants were not clickable from Sent Items and nothing was happening when clicking on message info.

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