Log in to Outlook with a Zivver account

How do you log in to Outlook with a Zivver account?

If you want to e-mail safely from Outlook, you need the Zivver Office plug-in. Install it yourself or speak to your IT department or system administrator.


  • You have a Zivver account.
  • The Zivver Office plug-in is installed on your computer.
  • Outlook is open.


  1. Click the Zivver tab in Outlook at the top.
  2. Click Manage Accounts account_circle.
  3. Enter your e-mail address.

    You can log in in three different ways. This depends on the organization settings.
  4. The three ways to log in are:

    1. Automatically log in with your workplace credentials.
      You will be automatically logged in after you click your e-mail address if your organization uses automatic login with your workplace credentials.
    2. Log in with your workplace credentials.
      Are you automatically redirected to a login page of your organization? Enter your workplace credentials on this page to log in.
    3. Log in with your e-mail address and Zivver password
      • Is your email address not ready yet?
        1. Click the link Activate your e-mail address add_circle.
        2. Enter your Zivver password to log in.
      • Don’t want to log in again and again?
        1. Put a check mark next to Remember my credentials for 30 days.
      • Have you already set up an extra login method?
        1. Enter on the next screen.
        2. Enter the SMS-code or the code from the Authenticator app.

You are now logged into Outlook with Zivver and ready to read and send secure messages. If login problems occur, speak to the Zivver administrator in your organization.

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