Zivver email forwarding


This document explains how to forward Zivver messages from a Zivver conversation in the Zivver Office Plugin.

Forward a Zivver conversation

  1. Select a Zivver conversation.
  2. Click Forward in the Outlook ribbon MESSAGE tab.
    OR Click the Options more_vert icon in the upper right corner of the Zivver message you want to forward, then click Forward forward .
    A new message pane opens, with a message selector underneath. Secure mail is automatically enabled.
  3. Select the message or messages you wish to forward.

    It is not possible, at this time, to forward secured messages that have been forwarded to you using Zivver. A warning will be displayed instead of the contents of such messages.
  4. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient(s).
    5.1. Possibly: Add content to the message.

  5. Solve any security issues found by Zivver. 6.1. Possibly: You may be prompted to resolve any security issues found in the message(s). 6.2. Possibly: You may be prompted to set up a verification method for one or more recipients.

  6. Click Send.

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