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This document explains what business rules are. It also shows where to see the business rules and what the security level is set to.

What is a business rule?

The plugin automatically checks your messages and attachments to certain rules on sensitive content. Your organization determines which rules these are. With the business rules the user can consider whether they must send the message, or not. The Zivver toolbar indicates whether sensitive content has been found. Click the notification to see what is going on. Such as, for example:

  • You send an attachment with a virus.
  • You send sensitive information to someone to whom you have never previously sent sensitive information.

When writing or sending a message, a message may appear in the Zivver toolbar. For instance:

Are you sure you want to send “Medical” information to

This means that a business rule is activated. You can easily remove warnings with the cross.

View business rules

As administrator, go to the Business Rules in the WebApp. Here you will find an overview of the business rules that were set up for your organization. The Safety level column shows the current warning level for each business rule.

Warning levels

Learn more about the different security levels

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