Send BCC messages with Zivver


How does Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) works with Zivver messages in the Zivver Outlook Plugin?

You can now use Zivver to send blind carbon copies of messages to recipients. When you send a message with BCC recipients, Zivver creates a conversation that includes only the recipients listed in the TO: and CC: fields, and a new conversation for each BCC: recipient. In this manner, recipients in the TO: and CC: fields stay unaware of the existence of blind carbon copies. Also BCC: recipients stay unaware of each other.

After sending, messages addressed to TO: and CC: recipients can be seen in the Sent folder. Separate conversations with BCC: recipients are not displayed in the Sent folder, unless the BCC recipients reply. These are stored in the Archive folder of the Zivver WebApp.

If there are replies from BCC recipients, they will be shown in the Inbox, as part of separate conversations.

Messages which have BCC recipients are displayed with a banner stating A **Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)** of this message was sent to recipients and a BCC tag in the bottom right corner. If you click one of these, the Message Details pane opens that shows all the recipients.

Zivver BCC messages are displayed with a blue BCC tag when viewed by recipients.

BCC send

  1. Open a new message in Outlook.
  2. Enter e-mail addresses of recipients in the TO: , CC: and BCC: fields as needed.
    There can be at most 25 recipients in a conversation
  3. Click the toggle in the gray Zivver toolbar.
    The Zivver toolbar will now turn blue to indicate that secure mailing is on.
  4. Optional: Do the instructions in Securely mailing external recipients if applicable.
  5. Click Send.
    Your messages will now be sent securely via Zivver.

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