Set up an authenticator app as 2FA in Zivver Mobile App


To provide extra security for your account, you must always set a 2FA. Read the steps below to use an Authenticator App as an additional login method to set up via the mobile app. In principle, it does not matter which Authenticator app you download.


  1. Download an Authenticator app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore, including Google Authenticator, Okta, Authy, or another similar app.
  2. Go to the App store of Google Playstore and download the Zivver mobile app.
  3. Go to the Zivver Mobile app and log in with your account login details.
  4. Click the 3 lines at the top on the left. There is a bar with options.
  5. Click settings Settings in the bottom left.
  6. Click the second tab on the left: security Security.
  7. Click the SETUP button in the top right.
  8. Click NEXT
  9. Select the Authenticator App option.
  10. Click NEXT

    Save this code! You need this to set up the Authenticator app on multiple devices.

  11. Click copy Copy to copy the code.

  12. Open your downloaded Authenticator app.

  13. Choose Add account

  14. Choose manual entry / no barcode

  15. Enter an account name and paste the copied code (from step 9) under secret key.

  16. Set Time based to on in the menu (Google Authenticator App calls the option true).

  17. Click OK.
    You have created a new account in the Authenticator app. In the start window of the app you see this account again, with a changing 6-digit code. The circle on the right indicates how long the code is valid.

  18. Click the 6-digit code to copy it.

  19. Go back to the Zivver Web app and paste the code under code from the Authenticator app.

  20. Click NEXT.

  21. Click SKIP.

  22. Click NEXT.
    You will see a screen with the backup codes.

  23. Click DOWNLOAD.

    Save these codes in a place where you can easily find them. This is important, because there are no backup codes, there is no alternative way to let you know.

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