Overview of documents


Zivver Secure eSignatures makes it possible to sign sensitive documents from Outlook. This manual explains what options you have to keep an overview of the documents that have been or need to be signed.

Overview of documents.

  1. Open the Zivver tab at the top of Outlook.
  2. Click on “Sign Overview”.
    A new window opens with all documents ever presented for signature.
  3. You can search and filter on all documents in several ways:
    • Search window: Search for document name, conversation subject or sender name
    • Filter: Filter by status “To sign”, “Waiting”, “Declined” or “Completed”
    • Sort: Click on the column “Date”, or “Status” to sort it
  4. Click on “Review” on the right to sign documents that have not yet been fully signed and to view the status.
  5. Click on ”“Audit report on the right to view these reports of fully signed documents and to download the signed documents.

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