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This instruction page explains step by step how to register for Zivver.

Note: Please complete all four steps described below for secure emailing. Please return to this page after completing a step for instructions on the next step.

Would you rather create an account with a different email address than the one where you received the instructions of Zivver? Then you need to change your email address in your BAR data. You will receive a new invitation email within a few working days. After this you can follow the steps below (again).

Do you already have a Zivver account? Then go directly to step 3.

Do you communicate directly with the Judiciary (de Rechtspraak)? Or does your secretariat take care of this work? Our platform supports both working methods. You must always first create an account yourself and link this account to your personal a-number. We will explain this step by step below. At the bottom of this page we will explain how your secretariat can send secure emails from your account.

Create your own Zivver account


Check at which e-mail address you received the first message from Zivver. This is the email address for which you can create an account.


Register for your own Zivver account. Go to the Zivver WebApp and follow the steps to create an account as indicated.

After you have activated your account, you will receive an email from Zivver containing the recovery code for your account. Save this recovery code. You will need this code if you forget your password.


Secure your account with an additional login method. (Note: you must be logged in for this.) The information you communicate with the Judiciary is extremely sensitive. It is therefore not enough to protect your account with just a password. Therefore, the judiciary and the Zivver platform require an additional login method to protect your account against unauthorized access.

After clicking the CONTINUE button during the last step of creating your account, you will arrive in your Zivver inbox. Click the blue SETUP 2FA button and follow the steps to set up an additional login method as indicated.

You can choose between two additional login methods:

You can always change your extra login method under the security settings.

As a last step in setting up the extra login method, backup codes are generated. It is important that you keep them well, for example by storing them locally on your computer. You need these backup codes if, for example, you lose your mobile phone.

Tip: We recommend setting both login methods so that you have a backup in case you no longer have access to either method.


Link your account to your professional group number (BAR number). (Note: you must be logged in for this.) In order to communicate with the Judiciary (de Rechtspraak), you must link your professional group number to your account. You only need to do this once. You do this as follows:

After setting up an extra login method, the logo of the Jurisdiction (de Rechtspraak) will appear in your Zivver inbox. Click on the blue CONNECT ACCOUNT button below. Enter and confirm your BAR number, including the letter “A”.

If you ever want to double check whether you have linked your professional group number, you can do so via this link.

After following the steps above, your account is ready for secure emailing with the Judiciary (de Rechtspraak). Would you like to start with sending secure emails? Read the instructions here.

Would you like to give your secretariat access to your account?

When you have completed steps 1 through 4, you can grant colleagues “delegated” access to your account. They can then securely send file documents or messages on behalf of you to the Judiciary (de Rechtspraak) and other parties. We will explain how to do this here. Would you like to give your secretariat access to your account?

Note: Your secretarial staff member must first create an account by following steps 2 and 3 of the above instructions.


On this website, more information about mailing with the Judiciary can be found, including the contact details of the Rechtspraak Service Centre.

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