Reply to a ZIVVER message

This document explains how to reply to a ZIVVER message using the ZIVVER WebApp, when you do not have a ZIVVER user account.

It is not necessary to make a ZIVVER account to reply to ZIVVER messages. Anyone who has received and opened a ZIVVER message can also reply to it.
  1. Open the message you wish to reply to.
  2. Click REPLY
    An editor window is shown
  3. Compose your message
  4. OPTIONAL: add attachments if needed using the Add attachments attach_file button.
  5. Solve any security issues that may be raised (ZIVVER will alert you if you’re trying to send confidential data, such as a social security number).
  6. Press SEND.
You will not be able to choose recipients as a guest, only to reply to the original conversation.

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