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How to skip the second verification in Zivver WebApp after your verification step? For your convenience, you can skip this verification step.

Enable the skip function only on devices that you trust.

You can access your messages without the verification only in these cases:
- An administrator of an organization that sent you a Zivver email allows you to do it.

For email and SMS verification:
The skip function is valid for the emails that you received from every organization. If you enabled this function in the past, you skip the verification step only for the organizations that enabled this function.

For access code verification:
Emails from only the same organization do not need a verification step for the access code verification

The period that you enable the skip function is 30 days. This function is enabled for only the same verification type. At the end of the period, you must do the verification again for that device.

You enabled the skip function with the SMS verification. On the same day, you receive a message. This time, an email code is required. You must use the email code to open the message. The next day, you get another message that requires an SMS code. Now you can open that message without an SMS code.


Enable the skip function

With SMS and email verification

  1. In the window where you can request for an SMS or email code, click Request code.
    A new window opens
    You receive a code
  2. Do one of these.
    • Enter the SMS code.
    • Enter the code from the email.
  3. Select the check box Skip this step next time.
    For more information, click the info icon. info
  4. Click Open message.

Enter SMS code

With Access code

  1. In the window where you can enter the access code, enter your access code.
  2. Select the check box Skip this step next time.
    For more information, click the info icon. info
  3. Click Open message.

Cancel the skip function

To remove a device, there are two alternatives.

Alternative 1

  1. Search for the email that we sent after you enable the function Trusted-device authentication.
    The title of the email is New device added
  2. In this email, click Remove this device.
    A new page on opens
  3. Click Remove device.

Alternative 2

  1. Open the message with the access code or code from the SMS, or email.
  2. Click Sign out.
    A new window opens Remember this device.
  3. Click Sign out.

Remove device

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