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Why do you receive a notification from Zivver that tells you that your email has not yet been sent and what you can do about it.

Why did I get this notification?

Your organization uses Zivver to secure emails and protect personal or sensitive information. To send your email securely, Zivver needs to verify recipients. If the details needed for recipient verification are missing, you first need to take action to add them before you can send your email.

Why has my email not been sent yet?

Your organization requires that the recipient(s) of your email are verified before they can access its contents. Zivver can verify recipients using a code sent by SMS to their mobile phone or using an (organization-wide) access code. To do so, either the recipient’s mobile phone number or the access code of a recipient need to be saved in your organization’s contact list.

If your organization does not have a (valid) mobile phone number or access code on record for the recipient(s) shown in the notification email, your message cannot be sent.

When you receive this notification, it means that none of the recipients have received your email, not even the ones for which verification details are already on record.

How can I send my email?

Please see this support article for options to add recipient verification details to send your email.

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