Merge accounts


How to merge accounts in the Zivver WebApp? You can merge two existing accounts. Enter an existing account as an alias to a different existing account to merge them.

Exception: You cannot merge an administrator account with a user account or functional account. Conversely, you can.
Exception: You cannot merge accounts when the email address is an alias rather than a user account or functional account.

Merge accounts

  1. Go to Accounts page.
  2. Under the account, click the Edit icomn edit .
  3. Go to Mail aliases.
  4. Enter an existing account.
  5. Select a domain.
    You can set an alias only voor een claimed domain.
  6. Click ADD ALIAS.
    _A window opens to merge accounts.

    You cannot undo the merge of accounts!
  7. Click MERGE.
    The accounts are merged. Access rights to the merged account are not taken over.

  8. Optional: Make the alias the primary email address.

  • Users log in to the primary email address or an alias. The password is the same.
  • Zivver messages that are sent to an alias arrive in the mailbox of the primary account.
  • You can sent messages only from the primary email address.

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