Grant and revoke access to functional accounts


This explains how to grant and revoke access to functional accounts for users. A functional account is also know as a shared mailbox. With a functional account, you can send and receive Zivver messages from a shared, or general email address (such as Multiple users can be granted access to a functional account. Such users are automatically logged in to the functional account when they log in to their own account.

Grant access

  1. Go to the Accounts page.
  2. Select Functional from the Account types drop down box.
  3. Click the edit icon edit next to the functional account name.
  4. Go to Grant access.
  5. Fill in the name or email address of the user you wish to grant access to.
  6. 6. Click to select the intended user.
    The user receives an email to be notified of the change. The user is automatically logged in to this functional account in the Zivver desktop clients. The user can switch between own accounts in the Zivver WebApp by clicking their own profile picture and selecting an account from the list.
  7. Optional: In the Grant access section, use the radio buttons to select whether recipients can see the name of the user who is sending a message from the functional account. The default setting for your organization can be seen under Functional accounts settings on the Accounts page. Users can send and receive messages securely from the functional account.
Invited users that haven’t accepted their invitations yet cannot be granted access to functional accounts. The invitation must be accepted first.

Read more about inviting users with SSO or inviting users when you are not using SSO.

Revoke access

  1. Go th the Accounts page.
  2. Click the edit icon edit .
  3. Go to Grant access.
  4. Click the delete icon delete_forever next to the intended user name.
    The user no longer has access to the functional account.

Switch to the functional account in the Zivver WebApp

Read more on how users can switch to a functional account in the WebApp

In the Zivver Office Plugin, users are automatically logged in to any functional accounts they have access to, no interaction needed.

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