Suspend an account


As administrator you have complete control over Zivver accounts in your organization; this article explains how to block a Zivver account.

Accounts may also be blocked automatically if your organization makes use of the Synctool to synchronize between your Active Directory and Zivver.

Block access to an account

  1. Log in to the WebApp.
  2. Open the Organization Settings tune .
  3. Click Accounts perm_contact_calendar .
  4. Locate the account you wish to suspend and click the edit edit icon.
  5. Scroll down to Suspend or Delete Account.
  6. Click SUSPEND.
  7. Click OK in the confirmation dialog window.

When an account is suspended, the user will be automatically logged out and will be unable to log in again. As an administrator, you can restore access to the account in the same manner, by clicking UNSUSPEND , then click OK when the confirmation window appears. restore .

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