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This document explains how to create a functional account. Functional accounts are used for general e-mail addresses such as or Functional accounts are also called shared accounts or shared mailboxes. Users can not log in to a functional account initially, but must be granted access by administrators. Zivver users are automatically logged in for the functional accounts assigned to them when they log in with their user account credentials.

Create a functional account

You can only create a functional account if you are the administrator of your organization and if the domain falls under the management of your organization. Learn more about managing your domain in Zivver.
  1. Log in to the WebApp.
  2. Click Organization settings tune .
  3. Click Accounts assignment_ind .
  4. Click the ADD FUNCTIONAL ACCOUNT button at the top right of the Accounts panel. A new window opens.
  5. Enter a name for the functional account (for example, Helpdesk).
  6. Enter the e-mail address of the functional account (for example,
  7. Click ADD ACCOUNT. The functional account has been created. You can now give users access to this functional account.

You can grant users access to a functional account in the WebApp accounts page

Switch to a functional account in the WebApp

Learn more about changing user account to functional account in the WebApp

Users who work with the Zivver Office Plug-in are automatically logged in for the functional account via their personal account.

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