How to adopt accounts for claimed domain


This article explains how to adopt freemium Zivver accounts that are not part of your Zivver organization yet in a domain that you have claimed.


  • You have administrator rights in Zivver for your organization
    Verify you have administrator rights by opening the organization administrator panel
  • You have claimed the domain for accounts you want to adopt
    In this case, a message appears next to the domain name in the list: <#> Account(s) not yet adopted.
Domain cannot be claimed?
See requirements for claiming a domain in Zivver and invite users manually if you can’t claim your domain in Zivver.

When to adopt accounts

If your organization is implementing Zivver, discuss this question with your contact person in Zivver, often a project lead.

If you are implementing Zivver on your own, then feel free to start the adoption process after you have claimed the domain.

Adopt accounts

If you start the adoption process, then all to be adopted accounts will be logged out of Zivver and users will need to log in again. Any account that is waiting to be adopted will be adopted after the user has logged in again. This step is necessary so that your organization can decrypt the messages of the adopted user.

  1. Go to the Domains page in Zivver.
  2. Click ADOPT in the list of domain names.
  3. Click ADOPT in the confirmation window.
    All to be adopted accounts are logged out in Zivver and need to log back in again to finish the adoption process for that account.

New events are then added to the Audit log in two categories:

  • Join accounts to organization.
  • Account joined organization when the account is successfully adopted.

How to see accounts that still need to be adopted

Currently you do not have insight in which accounts are to be adopted in the administrator portal.

If you use to the Zivver Synctool for automatic account synchronization, then you can recognize accounts that should be adopted in the Synctool logs by the Synctool error log “Account is outside the organization”.

Send a reminder email to log in to Zivver
Send users a regular email asking them to log in to in the browser of their preference.

Troubleshooting account adoption

User cannot log in after adoption process started

If the user forgot their password, then they can reset their password. You can share the reset your password manual with the user. The user may temporarily lose access to their already sent and received Zivver messages because they are encrypted with the password that is lost or forgotten. After the password is reset, as an administrator in Zivver you can restore access to the messages.

User cannot read messages after being adopted

The user may have reset their password when logging in to Zivver. As an administrator in Zivver you can restore access to the messages.

How to revert the adoption process

If you started the adoption process and want to revert or stop it, then release the domain claim and claim the domain again. All accounts that are already adopted will remain in your organization, and accounts that have not yet been adopted will remain outside your organization until you start the adoption process again.

Releasing a domain can cause problems with the Zivver Synctool and Single Sign-On
In the time period the domain is released and not claimed you cannot create accounts via the Zivver Synctool, log accounts in via SSO and set email aliases until you have claimed the domain again.
  1. Go to the Domains tab.
    You may need to authenticate with your administrator credentials.
  2. Click RELEASE under the Actions column for the domain you want to stop the adoption process.
  3. Read the prompt and click YES.
  4. Claim the domain again.
    After claiming the domain again, you should see the “ADOPT” button again.
  5. You can now adopt the accounts again.

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