Proof of delivery report

Zivver can make function available for a proof of delivery report.

This function is available if Zivver makes it available for your organization. Speak to your representative at Zivver.

The proof of delivery report has these main purposes:

  • Inform the sender of a message what the status is of the delivery of their (notification) message.
  • Give the sender of a message detailed information about the delivery process of their message.

This is the contents of a proof of delivery report.

  • A summary that shows whether the message was indeed sent and delivered and whether it was encrypted in transit.
  • Zivver event flow from message creation onwards. That includes, for example, delivery failures.
  • NTA 7516 message status if relevant.
  • Zivver message revocation status.


  • Zivver sends Inbound Direct Delivery and NTA messages as plain text.
  • If a recipient’s email server does not honor DSN (delivery status notification) requests, Zivver does not detect delivery failure of a message. Thus, the log does not contain such failure.

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