Overall overview of Zivver usage

The KPI section shows an overall overview of the Zivver usage in your organization.

The section is part of the Statistics in the Zivver WebApp.

  • Number of accounts that sent at least one Zivver message in the selected period. It is unexpected that everyone in an organization sends secure messages regularly. You must compare this metric against how many people in your organization you actually expect to send sensitive information.

    For messages sent from a delegated account, the account that initiated sending the message is counted as the sender. This means that messages from functional accounts are not counted in this metric.
  • Number of messages that were sent securely after a business rule was triggered. Gives an indication of the amount of sensitive information shared in the organization

  • Number of Zivver messages that were manually revoked by the user before they were read by any recipient.

    Does not include scheduled revocations.
  • Percentage of messages sent with Zivver after a business rule was triggered.

    This metric works only if logging non-Zivver messages is enabled for the organization. If it is not, the number shown is always 100%. This is because only messages sent from clients able to send and log both Zivver and non-Zivver messages (that is, users of Zivver Office Plugin and Zivver Outlook Web Access Add-in) are counted and from accounts that have opted in to log non-Zivver messages.
  • Percentage of Zivver message recipients secured with a verification method other than Email verification.

  • Percentage of Zivver message recipients that have opened their message at least once.

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