Encourage regular or Zivver emails

The administrator can encourage users to send secure emails or regular, not secured, emails. They can exempt messages between certain domains from Zivver encryption and authentication. For addresses in such domains, Zivver shows the suggestion that it is not necessary to enable Zivver for this message. But the sender can still enable Zivver for that message.

For example, the mail system can deliver messages to certain domains through an internal relay.

No recipients verification takes place in trusted domains. Zivver does not encrypt messages to addresses in trusted domains.
  1. Open Business Rules in the The Zivver WebApp.

  2. Scroll down to Trusted and untrusted domains list.

  3. Make the changes.

    • For a trusted domain, enter the domain name.
    • For an untrusted domain, enter a leading - (minus) then, the domain name. Separate each domain with a new line.


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