Custom Support Channels


What is the Custom Support Channels function and how to configure it?

What is Zivver Custom Support Channels

When guest users try to open their Zivver message, they need a verification code (SMS/Access Code). It is possible that a guest user does not know the correct code. For example, the guest user cannot receive the code by SMS because the phone number changed.

With Custom Support Channels you can show the communication details of your organization to your Zivver guests. They can then use those to contact your organization directly.

You guest can use one of your contact channels for assistance.

  • Email notification to the sender of the Zivver message
  • Help Center or FAQ page of your organization
  • Phone support contact of your organization
  • Email support contact of your organization

Configure Custom Support Channels

  1. Open the WebApp Organization Overview.
  2. In the left pane, click Support contact setup.
    The support contact window opens.
  3. Select one or more check boxes.
You must select at least one check box.
You must include http:// or https:// in a URL.


The configuration results in a guest screen where the guests can choose how to contact your organization. See figure.


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