Advantages of the Synctool V2

What are the advantages of the upgrade from Zivver Synctool V1 to Zivver Synctool V2?

Synctool V2 has an improved user interface, transparancy, and security, less complexity. The new functions makes the Synctool use easier.

  • You can remove many accounts in a manual synchronization. In the version before, the maximum was 5% of your accounts at the same time.

  • The user interface is more intituitive and the navigation is easier.

  • You can change the primary email address in Zivver.

  • Before the start of the synchronization, you get a clear overview of the changes.

  • You can combine multiple sources (LDAP, Exchange, CSV, Excel) in one configuration profile. This decreases the number of synchronization profiles. For IT providers who manage the Synctool for multiple customers, this is an advantage. That is also true if you have organizational units in Zivver.

  • You can load the Synctool configuration profile from every folder on the server. In this way, it is not necessary to open the Synctool to load the correct configuration with, for example, a service account.

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