Synctool release notes


  • Resolved issue where the email report was not sent out in case a synchronization did not take place due to too many changes
  • Replaced the Zivver logo
  • Updated the help screen
  • Added support to connect with TLS 1.3
  • Added functionality to save the configuration profile as a template


  • Added support to get members of shared mailboxes that are nested in the mailbox permissions of other shared mailboxes
  • Resolved issue with adding group members with the same display name
  • Resolved error that occurred if a user in the target (Zivver) had no full name
  • Added support for proxy addresses from custom attribute in LDAP sources when the ‘SMTP:’ and ‘smtp:’ prefix are present
  • Resolved an issue where the ‘Temp’ folder was not removed after an Exchange connection with EXO commandlets


  • Removed the Beta labels for the features added in version 2.1.0
  • Added support to get members of nested security groups
  • Replaced the image displayed in empty data previews
  • Resolved issue where application log was not created if no existing logfile was present in the %appdata% folder


Beta release

  • Added direct support for user mailbox synchronization from Exchange so that the separate Powershell script for this is not needed anymore (in Beta)
  • Added the possibility to filter on (a part of) an email address or attribute in the Exchange source
  • Improved performance by disabling likely unnecessary Powershell commands to retrieve mailbox permissions by default in the Exchange synchronization
  • Added the option to disable or enable the user or group synchronization from Exchange, so that multiple sources and source filters can be used within one profile
  • Improved support for synchronization of indirect delegation and circular nested groups
  • Added a notification that indicates how many changes will not be made due to the synchronization settings in the manual synchronization tab
  • Resolved an issue in which the Update Now button in the manual synchronization tab stayed grayed out when a large part of the users had to be suspended
  • Replaced the link in the email report that pointed to the error documentation with a more helpful link to the troubleshoot documentation
  • Improved support for semicolons in the ZivverAccountKey value
  • Several small copy and UX improvements


  • Added support for the Get-EXOMailbox command from the ExchangeOnlineManagement V3 PowerShell module, to resolve an issue in large Exchange Online synchronizations
  • Added the possibility to synchronize members of a shared mailbox through multiple rows in a CSV file


  • Removed harmless error message that occurred upon closing the Synctool if no application log file was available
  • Resolved a Powershell error that appeared for some customers for the LDAP Source Data Preview
  • Added support for case in-sensitive mapping for the SamAccountName


  • Improved user interface to make the tool more intuitive and easier to navigate
  • Improved visibility of what is going to change before a synchronization and why the change happens for each user
  • Introduced “SAVE” button to save changes made to the Synctool configuration
  • Added the ability to combine multiple sources (LDAP, Exchange, CSV, Excel) into one Synctool configuration profile
  • Added the possibility to add a Synctool configuration profile from any directory on the server
  • Improved possibility for changing the primary email address in Zivver
  • Added event logs that can be stored in a file location of choice
  • Removed account delete options for automated synchronizations
  • Removed 5% threshold for deleting accounts for manual synchronizations
  • Added support for suspending functional accounts by removing all members
  • Improved ability to track progress during manual synchronizations
  • Fixed a bug where organizational unit identifier was not saved for Exchange synchronization profiles
  • Added support for adding a new email address and setting that new email address as primary address
  • Fixed bug where email notifications were not sent when the Synctool ran in silent mode
  • Added feature “Only delete accounts that are missing in source” to support suspend and delete policies of customers where accounts are suspended in the source for a period before the account is deleted
  • Added the possibility to automatically merge accounts that already existed as a guest
  • Encrypted parameters in the Synctool configuration profile
  • Added support for nested groups for universal mail enabled security groups
  • Resolved an issue that occurred when ExchangeOnlineManagement v3.0.0 was installed
  • Improved log files and email reports, including reference to troubleshooting documentation
  • Added option to manage delegations and aliases manually when using LDAP synchronizations by leaving the field mapping attributes Delegates and Aliases empty. With this, you can manage delegations and aliases manually in the Zivver admin portal.
  • Added the possibility to load a Synctool configuration profile from anywhere on your drive. You can now load a Synctool configuration profile from the %appdata%/zivver/synctool folder with your own administrator account.


  • Normal accounts do not require an update to the ZivverAccountKey anymore after changing the primary email address
  • Support connection with Exchange Online via PowerShell with MFA authentication
  • Support connection with Exchange Online via PowerShell with unattended access
  • Improve Synctool rate limiting
  • Support for organizational unit assignment in Zivver for normal and functional accounts


  • Show normal accounts under “missing users” tab that are suspended in Zivver and missing in source data
  • Added domain filters to filter out not wanted or unclaimable domains for email aliases
  • Fixed several bugs


  • Support for secure LDAP (LDAPS) via port 636
  • Log synchronization results in JSON format
  • Support for authentication via proxy server
  • Improve performance on Exchange synchronization
  • Support adding email aliases for functional accounts
  • Fixed several bugs


  • Support adding delegations (i.e. full access) to normal accounts
  • Support adding email aliases for normal accounts
  • Synctool can’t be silently run when source data is unavailable
  • Prevent more than 5% of normal accounts can be deleted


  • Telephone numbers can be updated
  • Exchange synchronization added for functional accounts
  • Support for multiple types of Exchange shared mailboxes to synchronize
  • Logging for PowerShell errors with Exchange synchronization
  • Support for shared mailbox full access rights via active directory security groups
  • Email filters for Exchange synchronization
  • Also show shared mailboxes with 0 members
  • Run automated synchronizations under different user
  • Click on result columns to sort
  • Option to skip loading source results at step 4 to speed up the process for manual synchronizations
  • Support nested group support for LDAPS synchronization
  • New tab “Missing users” at step 4
  • Fixed several bugs

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