03. Synctool installation instructions


Installation of the Synctool contains downloading an archive (ZIP) file and unpacking the ZIP file on the desired Synctool installation location. That location must be empty.

The Synctool is used for account management in Zivver. The Synctool can create, update, suspend, or delete personal accounts and functional accounts in Zivver for a large number of accounts. The synchronization is one way, from the source (for example Active Directory, Exchange) to Zivver.


Visit the Synctool prerequisites if you are unfamiliar with the prerequisites for the Synctool.


If your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO) to log users in to Zivver, make sure you have configured SSO before synchronizing accounts with the Synctool.

Do the steps below to install the Synctool on a server. The Synctool is in most cases installed on an already existing synchronization or application server, but can also be installed on its own dedicated server, local machine or domain controller as long as the machine adheres to the Synctool prerequisites.

  1. Download Synctool V2.1.4.
  2. Extract the ZIP file.
  3. Choose or create an empty folder on a server from where you want to start the Synctool.
  4. Copy or move all the extracted files to that location on that server.

Next steps

After moving the extracted files to the desired location, you can open the Synctool by running the executable. The next step is to open existing or create new Synctool profiles.

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