Synctool V2 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible in V2 to change the primary address of user or functional mailboxes while preserving data?

Yes, this is possible by enabling the account mapping functionality. You can read more about this functionality here.

Will an upgrade keep the existing Synctool V1 configuration, or do I need to rebuild the configuration?

The configuration file for Synctool V1 should work in Synctool V2 with minimal adjustments. If you open the configuration file in Synctool V2, the Synctool indicates via the UI whether something needs to be added. To improve your experience, we recommend using the new features. These are quite easy to set up, as explained in the upgrade video.

What are the consequences of Microsoft phasing out ExchangeOnlineManagement V2?

ExchangeOnlineManagement V2 will be phased out by Microsoft this summer and only V3 will be supported after that. Support for ExchangeOnlineManagement V3 in the Zivver Synctool is only available in Synctool V2. Therefore, Zivver recommends updating to Synctool V2 and then updating ExchangeOnlineManagement to V3.

Does Synctool V2 have a maximum threshold for account deletion?

The maximum threshold for account deletion is 5% and cannot be changed. A new feature in Synctool V2, is that the threshold can be overruled in a manual synchronization. If you run a manual synchronization and disable or delete more than 5% of your organization, you must explicitly confirm in the Synctool UI that you are sure of this action.

Why should I update to V2 if I don’t notice any problems with Synctool V1?

After June 2023 Synctool V1 is not supported anymore. While you can still use the legacy version after that time, we recommend all our customers to upgrade to Synctool V2. The new version is more secure, has a better interface and has many new features that will help to improve your experience. Furthermore, Microsoft is changing the value of the -Name Exchange attribute (read more) and is phasing out the PowerShell module ExchangeOnlineManagement version 2 (read more). These two changes will affect the usage of Synctool V1. We recommend performing the upgrade to Synctool V2 to be well-prepared for these changes from Microsoft.

How can I upgrade from a version of Synctool V2 to a newer version of Synctool V2?

Once you are already using Synctool V2, it should be relatively easy to perform the upgrade to a newer version. You can read the instructions here.

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