Synctool logs there are ... other error messages

The Synctool log files show the error: There are … other error messages


This error message could come up in your synchronization log files after a synchronization was completed manually or silently. It signifies a number of errors that are not necessarily affecting the synchronization such as the ones with the prefix ‘BadRequest’.

A more detailed breakdown of aforementioned errors can be found in the zivver_synctool_app.log file in the folder %appdata%\Zivver\SyncTool\Logs of the involved local Windows account executing the Synctool executable. Aforementioned log file is created and updated automatically.

Additionally, a breakdown of the errors can be found in case the synchronization was performed manually in the Synctool interface. The status bar could then mention ‘Task completed successfully but with warnings.’, clicking it would then show the errors and the underlying details.

If you are having difficulties with interpreting the errors, their legitimacy and their actionables, do not hesitate to contact support and send in the _zivver_synctoolapp.log file and your question(s).


An example cause for this message is described here.

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